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  • So much for recording today :( Someone outside blasting 10 seconds of every song under the sun and builders on the other side :-/ 8 hours ago


Thursday 12th June, 2014

We’ve passed the half way mark! (I planned on doing 12 episodes when I began this series).

Here is Somewhere Session SEVEN coming to you from down under. It’s a cover of Australian-duo The Veronicas “Revenge is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were)”. Spot any famous landmarks in the background?

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Thursday 20th March, 2014

Discount Code:

This space is normally reserved for my music, but this post is for other musicians and fans that might want to travel.

On my recent trip to America I used AirBnB to find budget accommodation for myself in LA and Austin. I had a bit of bad luck with the first place I booked as the host cancelled it a month or two before I left – PANIC! However, as soon as they cancelled it I received a personal email from AirBnB who not only gave me a full refund but gave me suggestions of other places I could stay and gave me an extra lump sum towards the new place I booked.

Use my code to sign-up and get £15 off your first stay: You can also use this code just to sign-up and explore the options. They have all sorts of quirky accommodation from castles to tipis and tree houses! Again, use my link here:

AirBnB options

Some AirBnB Options :)

For more info on how AirBnB got started, watch this:

P.s. I also get a discount when you use my discount code. But I wouldn’t advertise something that I didn’t believe in.

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Friday 14th March, 2014

Check out a clip of my interview with Recognition at SXSW:

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Tuesday 11th March, 2014

Any of you in Austin tonight for South by South West?! If so, head down to Amped on 6th Street to see me perform. My stage-time is 10pm and I’ll be on for 40 mins. I’ll be performing acoustically tonight so I’ll need as many of you there as possible to be my backing singers :D

Be with you sxsw copy

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Monday 3rd March, 2014

Milky Tea Kid (@MilkyTeaKid) filmed this last Somewhere Session for me at the top of Skyline Hotel (@skylinehotelny) in New York! I chose “Maps” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs (@YYYs) as this was the city where they formed.

Have a watch here and let me know what you think! Please hit “like” and share if you enjoy it!

Here is the copy and paste link:

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Wednesday 12th February, 2014

The lovely Zoe LDN (blog: The London Lipgloss) used “Supermodel” in her latest vlog on YouTube. Check it out here:

You can buy “Supermodel” on iTunes at:

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Thursday 6th February, 2014

Hey guys,

Really enjoyed doing the Live: Wine O’Clock Session last night on YouTube. I will definitely do it again now I know my technology is working smoothly :D

You can watch it back here for a limited time only:

Big thank you to everyone who watched and shared :)


Linda x

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Wednesday 15th January, 2014

A cover of Rihanna’s “Stay” (ft Mikky Ekko) at sunset on a beautiful beach in heaven.

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Wednesday 27th November, 2013

I’ve been incredibly disturbed by the Ian Watkins case from start to finish. My heart breaks for anyone who has been affected by his incomprehensible actions, thoughts and behaviour.

He has caused so much pain to so many people, several of whom are no doubt suffering with complex mental and physical struggles as a result. Even at 11 months of age the trauma leaves mental scars. I pray that all the people affected will find the strength to overcome what for some of them will feel like an unbearable battle.

The NSPCC are a charity who not only aim to help young people who have suffered at the hands of abusers like Ian Watkins, but also work to prevent children and adults from becoming abusers.

Last Christmas I released “Be With You” for NSPCC, and this year I am re-promoting it in the hope to raise even more money and awareness to help them do the work that they are so great at.

Please support them by buying the single ( or by donating directly to them through their website:

On top of this, please share the video and leave “Be With You” on repeat on Spotify when you leave the house – this is a simple way to raise as much money as possible for NSPCC and at little cost to you.

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Tuesday 12th November, 2013

As you already know, I performed last week on Tom O’dell’s piano at Metropolis Studios in London. I was supporting some great acts including Spector, Ayanna Witter-Johnson and George Montague.

Check out the video of the full performance here:

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