Today I received an email message from a certain website (I don’t wish to advertise). I like to think of myself as an open-minded and liberal person, but this has completely thrown me off.

The email advertised a website which is apparently the “UK’s No1 Married Only Dating Site“. The title of their letter is “Married but Feeling neglected?” and their solution is not to discuss the problem with your spouse, but to use their website to have a discreet affair. Yes; no need to worry about the state of your marriage, have an affair and everything will be hunky-dory!

One of their best quotes is probably: “Join us today and you will be able to have quality intimate relations with people who don’t give two-hoots about you are interested in upgrading their private lifestyle like you are“. You have to be kidding, an affair is going to upgrade your personal lifestyle? I can’t believe that somebody has managed to come up with such nonsense.  You’ve got to worry about the mental-state of anybody that falls for this rubbish. However apparently “over 1million naughty users” have signed-up to this dishonorable website.

Under the subtitle “Reasons to join” they advertise that there are “no complications” – I wonder if there’s a guarantee on that?


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